Escape – Dungeons and Dragons Inspired Song Lyrics

This is a song I created based off of two characters who are lovers wishing to leave their homeland and find themselves anew. The two lovers will abandon responsibility in order to pursue happiness as one lover, a elf, has been cursed despite protecting her family. She took up a shield and was to die before she fell for a sea witch who stole her heart.


O Child of the Sea, won’t you wait for me?
The life we shall have,
We shall never dread.
The places we’ll go will always be unknown.
Come with me, oh love of mine,
Let us escape the place that traps us so.
Shall we tread to danger?
Shall we tread to safety?
Where you go, I’d follow wholeheartedly.

Come now my dear,
We have nothing to fear,
Here in this place so deadly.
Right is wrong and wrong is right,
Let’s escape tonight.

Responsibilities thrown away,
This heavy accursed shield stays,
The shawl cast, hidden away,
As we rise to a place with the Seven.
Seven to protect us, and my skin will not marred by disease
That permeates through my very core.
Exhaustion gone, strength remains,
As I can finally walk free
With you Oh Child of the Sea.
Your fins wrap around me
As we traverse, finally free,
Hand in hand, we’ll remake ourselves anew.

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