Writing Projects

The Swan Fairy Tale

The Swan Fairy Tale is a young adult modern fantasy novel that is based in a fantastical place in Utah. It follows the protagonist, Kellina, who is allergic to magic despite possessing some form of magic herself. She tries to navigate around the hidden world, attempting to remain undiscovered and avoiding areas, and people, who are magical in nature, otherwise known as Tales.

The Swan Fairy Tale is a project I have been working on in Camp Nano Wrimo and I am still writing the first draft of this novel that will be part of the Tales series. I have been slow while writing it, hitting many writing blocks during this time. I either have to stay a few days from writing The Swan Fairy Tale or I power through it, writing one hundred words a day. It is pitiful for me, and I feel bad. I am going to start writing three hundred a day starting tomorrow. I’ll make sure to say if I met my goal, maybe I’ll use one post, putting time stamps for the new edit, or making two separate posts. I’ll decide then.

Wandering Affection

Wandering Affection is a fantasy and romance novella that there are many races of people who are trying to find their soulmates. Soulmates can be either platonic, familial, romantic, or sexual where finding your soulmate will help you unlock all your incarnation’s memories as people Soul Walk in their dreams. The protagonist, Elli, has been confused over their Soul Walks, trying to piece together who their incarnation is. The deuteragonist, Atticus, wants to know what drew his soulmate to attack him, along with creating a powerful spell to become renown throughout the land.

Currently the first draft’s edit is done, so I will be rewriting the second draft once I am done with the fifteenth chapter of The Swan Fairy Tale. I want to see that once this novella is polished I can find a publishing house to send it because I am in love with the world. There is a LOT I want to talk about regarding these two projects, but I would go on for two hours rambling over the world building, the emotions of my protagonists and deuteragonist, and the conflicts each character has.

This will be my only post for today. It is getting late where I live. I wish everyone who reads this a lovely timezone.

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