Day 3 Update

The Swan Fairy Tale

Word Count: 36,117

Once more I completed the challenge today! I managed to get 681 words done today and I am quite happy. I began Chapter Sixteen with a short time skip of Kellina being out of the hospital, figuring out how to find out the Mage that threw a wrench in her normal life persona once he messed with her friend. He is her call to action as she is the reluctant hero, struggling against fate and wanting to choose her own path. I wrote the outline of The Swan Fairy Tale because I wanted to write a protagonist (Kellina) who would be portrayed as an antagonist to someone (Roxie) who wants the mythical to be a reality. Normally there are protagonists who fully accept the new world they are brought into, curious, or someone born in said world who is making a name for themselves. I wanted to do something that was different because I haven’t seen a lot of it in fiction novels I’ve consumed over the years. Plus, I love the idea of friends who are foils to one another, but the pair isn’t jealous over the other.

I have a few doubts about this novel. I know this is the first draft and I can cut it out, but I feel like this is going too slow. Kellina is in her first darkest moment that changed her character, she’s becoming more proactive in what she wants rather than remaining static. It might be due to me being impatient. I want to write about the fantasy portion in this modern fantasy novel, actually having Kellina interact with the hidden world that is a few miles away from her own home. Even so, I wrote about character dynamics that weren’t quite expanded upon on the first time I tried to write the first draft that remains incomplete. Needless to say, it was too dark for my tastes where I stopped writing TSFT for a year before beginning anew. However, in that first attempt for the first draft–a crazy sentence I know–I had fun writing the snark that Kellina has with an animal companion to the love interest and the dynamics between all three of them. Even so, with this new first draft, where I am pleased with the tone, I am doing more telling rather than showing, but I know I’ll fix that when the second draft is written up. It’s best to get all the thoughts you can down before changing everything.

I am unclear as to when I’ll be done with this project. There is no deadline and the only timeline is self imposed: three hundred words a day. I want to work on other projects, such as expanding upon Wandering Affection, or working on a gift fic for a friend of mine. I feel like its easier to do work on those projects than this because novels are traditionally between 60,000 – 80,000 words.

Well that’s enough ramblings of one tired writer and blogger. Have a good timezone to those who read this post and stay hydrated!

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