Day 4 Update

The Swan Fairy Tale

Word Count: 37,788

According to my calculator, I managed to write 1,671 words today, not because I was inspired, but I love writing dialogue. Despite the word count that I added to my story, I did not get to my “note to self” from the previous post. Perhaps I’ll get to that in the next two days as I just stopped at the time skip for the shopping scene.

I found the outline to the original draft for TSFT. There was only supposed to be twenty-three chapters and I am on the sixteenth chapter. I guess this is why I am feeling like the novel is slow, or this is my mental block in place. The reason why I mentioned it was because I saw that Kellina’s second family left during her darkest hour. In order to change, she must face adversity despite the guilt I feel for her. I hate doing this to my characters, but you only see a character’s true potential when they are up against the proverbial wall.

I am going to head to bed now. I wish everyone a wonderful timezone and stay hydrated!

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