Day 5 Update

The Swan Fairy Tale

Word Count: 38,220

My progress isn’t as great as yesterday, but I did just do one session that was roughly thirty-five minutes. I managed to write 432 words today and I got to Kellina meeting with Felix, a Tales who was with Roxie the night she got put in the hospital. He’s really a nice guy who was going to try to coax Kellina over like in the original trashed draft, but I decided to move things forward, having her get injured earlier in the story rather than later on.

I like where this is going, and am I forcing two characters to interact? Yes. Do I care? No. Maybe the two will hit it off given that they have a mutual friend? I am still figuring things out given that Chapter Sixteen is not outlined whatsoever. I am pantsing it, or as people who aren’t part of Nano Wrimo, I am winging it.

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