Day 7 Update

The Swan Fairy Tale

Word Count: 40,095

I finally managed to get to 40k! I am still on Chapter Sixteen and I could finish it up today, but I’m taking some profound advice: stop where your momentum is so you don’t face writers block. I will be writing Chapter Seventeen by ear, seeing what elements I can combine with the new chapters that were not in the initial outline with the old. Reuse material you already thought of, and if I have two conflicting ideas, I will be taking a break to explore the alternative route and determine if I want to insert that scene, and subsequent scenes, in the first draft.

Fun fact, this is actually called Swan Fairytale, SF Hook Novel in my Word document, but I really hate how there is the error squiggle on here. I could add it to the dictionary, but I am sticking to my guns. Not to mention I might be changing the chapter to something else, given that while the protagonist is an iteration of Odette from Swan Lake, that isn’t the central focus. Maybe “A Dreamer’s Descent,” or “The Forsaken Tale” which will be part of the Tales series. I am leaning toward the latter, because that is exactly what Kellina is without considering what others want.

Should I have written “Day 7” as a previous post? Definitely. Do I want to? No. It’s the evening now and it would be in poor taste to post that immediately and then this.

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