Sleep alludes me once more,
What does one do when you wish to see her? 
Otiose I am once more
As I stare at the darkness of the walls,
Body still, mind slow,
Yet it does not rest. 

I wake, finally, in quiet agony
Wishing for a warm beverage,
Not of coffee but of tea. 
That requires me to move my bones
That finally became physical 
As they were dust minutes prior. 
I shall be content with the room temperature water,
As I must stay hydrated,
Combating the dry sensation in my mouth. 
A horrid feeling that I wish upon no one.
You can live without water but it isn't a pleasant experience.

Thoughts slowly come alive
Listening to music up Spotify. 
The heart is weak and the mind is too
Twelve minutes have passed
And my heart beats fast hearing
"Move like a Soldier," from Kristina Maria.
My body still doesn't want to move
As awareness creeps in. 

I like this text on the screen
It is reminiscent to the font I use on personal writings. 
Clear, cut, and beautiful
That is what you are.
If it is possible to fall for a font 
I have already fallen for you.
I should have known about you earlier
Using you instead of paragraphs block
For the song and poem I posted previously. 

Today I shall relax an hour or two. 
I wish to play a mindnumbing game,
I wish to write about two characters dear to my heart,
And I must edit that chapter for someone. 
The game is simple and I am watch,
Rapt with the lore that escapes from the fingers of the developers. 
The characters are my protagonists,
One of the Swan, 
Who ails when magic touches her skin.
The other, a Celestial,
They care for their family yet doesn't comprehend
The love of the ones around them,
Told to break it when they cannot see the bonds 
Tied to themselves despite it being their job. 
I love both equally, 
The Swan has been cultivated slowly,
The Celestial has two iterations: 
Their true self and their reincarnation. 
I should complete the true self's short story on Word,
But the reincarnation one tempts me so on paper. 
The edit is something I've done for almost two years, 
Changing sentence structures and adding commentary,
Such of that as an editor. 
Note to self, make sure to put all notes there,
Not just changing the sentence itself. 
Post it upon Fiverr prior to the campaign I play today,
For I am a proud geek

Above this is long,
Longer than the previous two. 
I do not want to edit this,
I tire. 
I shall relax listening to music.
Have a wonderful day,
Remember to never have your mouth dry
Otherwise you'll have ill effects 
If the problem is not dealt with

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