Just Keep Working

I was unable to edit a fanfiction chapter yesterday. I have until Thursday to send it in, but there is no longer extra chapters for the writer to post. I am going to see if I can even get started on it today because I have a Dungeons and Dragons game later on today–where I know I will get some writing done off to the side–and take notes.

Besides this, I want to see if I can begin the second draft of Wandering Affection along with some notes over the world. I should have done the notes, but at the time I just wanted to write without any sort of restriction. I know I am going to get at least an additional two thousand words on the novella, I wrote a few paragraphs in the margins of chapters. This novella is in manuscript format while TSFT is not. I did not know how to make it into a manuscript format and I know it is going to take time to redo the whole draft. I plan on editing it physically like I did with Wandering Affection.

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