Into the Shadow Lands

I believe I mentioned last week that I am a game master (GM) for a Dungeons and Dragons 5e homebrew campaign called, “Into the Shadow Lands.” It’s an open world, but I have a lot of lore despite having about seven sessions.

I have a few events that I wanted to do, but given that a few players are switching out their characters, I can’t do them. There was a plot hook where they would get information over a secret organization called the Dark Room Organization that would allow select individuals in town to have fun for the night, get information over things from their backstory if they ask, and LORE. Those two PCs were tied with it, one is a rogue that is part of it, and the other is a bloodhunter who has corruption in his blood, but none of the negative side effects. He doesn’t have resistance to it, as this is a deadly force if it is not dealt with immediately. No one in the party has gotten a level in corruption besides the rogue, but he doesn’t mind it.

Even so I may have to fall back on to the party not completing a dungeon because there is a place to jump off of to explore the world. They only cleared the first floor of the dungeon in the sewers, but not everything. If they get to a certain area, they will understand more of the town, potentially the world, and a jump off point. Besides this, I hope that someone goes to talk to one of the shop keepers to get their spell components, such as diamonds or holy water, because there are mines here. They will be able to learn about the location and get them out of the starting town to explore the outside world. Doing so will take them out of the safe zone, but I want to do a somewhat lighthearted session on Thursday given that I had them fight for five and a half hours.

Pure combat isn’t fun and I dropped the ball on it. Forgot to give them reinforcements and made one of the waves of enemies use their breath weapon almost every round of combat. I said I wouldn’t go easy on them, but I also didn’t want them to die even though there was a way they can come back. I just didn’t want to make a spirit sequence for everyone. Not to mention in the fight there were people who did not remember their abilities whatsoever.

It was bad.

As stated prior I want a lighthearted session. Literally the plan was that some of the party will be in a place that is in a underground place having fun, two of the party members are guards aka cops in game, and you don’t want to do that. I guess I will do a drinking game in the local bar where everyone plays “Never have I ever” or gamble. It won’t be as fun as the DRO, but it’s there.

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