Day 11 Update

The Swan Fairy Tale/The Forsaken Tale

Word Count: 43,468

Once more I forgot to send in my earlier “Day X” post, but perhaps there is some redundancy in them. I will be discussing my thoughts in the update post and talk about what I expected to do and what I wrote instead.

I wrote 675 words today! That is way better than yesterday, given that it was difficult to get words onto Microsoft Word yesterday. I got into the groove of bantering between two cousins who were raised as siblings, and how, as always, one of them is sick of the other’s shit. It’s Mark, Mark is sick of Kellina’s shit. At the same time Kellina is giving her cousin trouble, like all good siblings should.

I think it should be fine referencing pop culture, like Batman and Robin. This is a modern fantasy, and I already referenced some car companies like Toyota, Ford, and Chevrolet. I’ll worry about this later because I don’t want to come up with brands that are just barely recognizable.

Back on topic, Kellina is still in the car ride with Mark, they are almost done. I could have finished the scene today but I chose not to. As stated prior, I need to stop at a place where I know what I am going to write, thus, picking it up the next day. That is going to be moderately difficult as I only have a bullet point about what I want to talk about and you expand on that scene. I got into LORE regarding Kellina’s antagonist, the very least what his Role would be given that he is a Tale, and the fact her cousin has met him prior to the start of the story. It’s to be expected, he is an adult who is supposed to provide some insight to the next generation regarding the Roles they play once they are of age.

This post is a lot longer than I expected. Regardless, I hope everyone has a lovely timezone, and remember, stay hydrated!

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