Day 12 Update

The Swan Fairy Tale/The Forsaken Tale

Word Count: 45,058

I don’t like this. I obviously passed my 300 word count goal of the day for TSFT/TFT, but it is bittersweet. I cried in Chapter Seventeen; it was supposed to be gentle ribbing between cousins, but I felt actual pain writing this.

I thought I was past Kellina’s darkest hour, but it turns out I am not with the additional 1,590 words I wrote. I gave her a mental breakdown and I legitimately feel bad about it. This is not going to help that I want to include all the things from my outline of Chapter Seventeen, I am definitely putting it in the next chapter. It’s just going to have Kellina’s poor mental health there in the open. If I look back at it, it was building up: she’s usually homebound with one of her relatives constantly watching her, she is in physical pain from someone who attacked her in her safe space (the lake), has been stressing over potentially losing her best friend, not feeling safe in any place despite the eyes watching her, seeing cookies (there is a story to that), having to talk with a supposed enemy who knows her “weakness,” and perceiving her cousin, who is incredibly important to her, basically undermine/cut her off is a lot for one person.

I need to stop posting these things so late.

Anyway I am going to see if tomorrow one of my posts is posted. I have something qued and I want to see if it works.

Stay hydrated folks, with water or something with electrolytes.

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