Insecure Writer’s Support Group

September 2021

I have recently joined this group called, “The Insecure Writer’s Support Group,” as you can tell from the post title. This is the second group I have joined besides Nano Wrimo where I plan for November and also Camp Nano Wrimo. I feel like I have to be serious about writing, especially when I have edited the first draft of my novella. I am in the process of rewriting the draft because that’s how things go well.

Part of the IWSG is that we write down a question that is posted every Wednesday. This is my first one and this is exciting.

  1. How do you define success as a writer? Is it holding your book in your hand? Having a short story published? Making a certain amount of income from your writing?

    I define a success as a writer is able to bind whatever work they have and realize the progress they had on their journey. For the first part, you have a physical manifestation of a manuscript in your hand, dictating that it is not just a Word file, that it is a complete work. It may take them a month for a short story to perhaps years until they get to this stage. Regardless, the feeling you get when you are holding your work in hand is an exhilarating experience that I get drunk on.

    I find it difficult to finish projects. Some days I am not inspired to write, but I force myself to do so, writing two hundred words a day in order to finish it. No matter how long it takes, you managed to complete a project. That is success. Besides this marking you as a successful writer, witnessing the progression of your craft by comparing yourself from a year ago. Witnessing the subtle change in style comes from editing and consuming media to see what works for you. It comes from challenging yourself constantly, becoming a well-read author.

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