Into The Shadow Lands

Today is the day where I am going to be the Game Master (GM) to my Dungeons and Dragons 5e homebrew campaign. It occurs biweekly and the previous session was a nightmare. I already wrote a little bit about it and I’ll expand just a bit what I am planning today.

Regardless if one of the two players will be able to go into the Dark Room Organization (DRO) to get their party on. I do not know given that the two players who are supposed to have ties had their characters leave and they are bringing in new ones. Regardless, other players are going to have fun at an above the board establishment called the Bar ‘N Inn. It is a basic name I know, but they are in Kingston Town, otherwise known as the starting town. They will not be having all the fun I planned for the people in DRO, but they’ll be able to gamble, drink to their hearts content, and literally play party games with some of the kids. Restrictions of gambling will be lifted the first three days of the new month, along with using some drugs, before things have to go back to normal.

During this time I will be introducing one of the players via this book.

One of my friends showed this to me and I love it. I would buy this to write in it and I know which NPC would love to write/read this as well.

This is all that I plan on revealing as of now because between my initial post of ITSL and this one, I shared a link to this blog. I am uncertain if they are looking at this, but if so I should tell my friends to ignore posts with the title of the campaign.

I might write another update if I am not doing my 300 word Writing Challenge after the campaign. I hope I can do it given that I need to edit a chapter for an author and also reorganize my notes for the campaign. I keep putting that off because I have a lot of NPCs, some the party hasn’t met yet, and reassessing their either half written or fully written stat blocks.

You have to prepare for the worse with PCs. Not all of the NPCs have civilian stats, they literally have to fight every month to fight off a horde of monsters that come in waves to try to bring down their town.

This concludes my long post. Stay hydrated folks and have a lovely timezone.

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