Into The Shadow Lands

I finished my session today and literally things were derailed for a few minutes the first ten minutes. Introducing a cool character from a book is a nice idea, but ask questions about the person that came from the book rather than taking the book itself. A PC initiated combat because another PC tried to steal their home for the past ten years. Not a good thing to experience.

A lot of rp was in the session as the previous was pure combat. It was horrible for me. I gave characters various forms of drugs and being able to gamble to get money back. I literally had slap jack and a roulette table in there. The slap jack is the easiest thing, a dexterity check + proficiency with cards, for the roll while the roulette table I would have used Avrae to roll a d38. It’s better odds for slap jack and I didn’t want to think too hard on mechanics. I need to give them some slack given that The Shadow Lands is a very dangerous place.

One of my players didn’t switch out his PC with his grave cleric. It is fair. I did say that he got access to DRO, but doesn’t t know that there are three factions within the organization. I wanted to talk about how there is one faction that wants to stay and protect their home, another who wants to leave the plane, and another who wants to open up the pathway to get help from other entities for the plane. Two of these factions are bad news given that they are doing all they can for their own goal. That PC gave some of his blood to the faction that wants to protect their own home, given that there is corruption in his veins that hasn’t effected him. This PC, a Blood Hunter, had a side session where he got information regarding that a NPC is in dire straits due to the Scourge, and got information over the Lich Queen had a hand in sabotaging the water system. He learned that she did something to cause this Scourge and that one of the organization leaders of DRO is worried about the second wave. They got a pint of blood and unfortunately, for DRO, he succeeded on his WIS save against Modify Memory.

People had fun I think and one of the PC’s, a fairy, got a dream from a butler that it is soon to give him information that he can find a way back home as long as he completes his payment. He is doesn’t know about it whatsoever and that is fun.

They then got into the rat dungeon again and they learned about that the rats are pissed and their home was attacked a while ago.

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