Globe Soup

I managed to join a writing contest, Globe Soup, and I have so many ideas relating to it. I outlined a plot point or two. I can’t disclose what exactly I am going to write, but I can say that I had to throw away writing a scene that would happen in the future for The Forsaken Tale. It would be too long to write about background details and I only have 2,000 words to write.

I might have to split up the 300 word daily writing challenge for this, but I want to complete it and win, the very least get runner up. There are many talented writers in the world and I want to try my hand at it as well.

Now I am all fired up! Even if I don’t win I want to put this down for posterity’s sake. When it ends, I am going to post my original work on here as well. Perhaps the alternative short stories as well if I get around to it.

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