Day 20 Update

Globe Soup Short Story

Word Count: 1404

I definitely reached my goal of 300 words today and I thought I wouldn’t make it. I had to push back my writing time to later on in the evening, where I am fighting sleep, and I am struggling with including more detail despite the word limit. The moment I hit the thousand word mark, I became self-conscious in how I am writing. I need to be more concise and I worry that this isn’t as good as other writers. That may be true, but you just have to power through the anxiety. I should be able to reach the prompt for the contest tomorrow, and I have to stick with what I am planning for the next day. I completely forgot that I had a prior engagement today so that was three hours of my life I could not get back.

I need to exercise straight in the morning, eat, housework, see if there is any freelance work, write, prepare for the second group of my Dungeons and Dragon’s campaign that we are having a session one on Saturday, reorganize my notes for a different campaign I play in, and play a co-op game with my friends. I managed to make a lot of food for the rest of the week so I will not have to cook, and I can focus on doing my writing. No more sprints while writing, just focus for a solid thirty minutes, take a five minute break, and go back to doing another thirty minutes.

The very least I need to close some of my tabs. It is getting distracting at this point.

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