Day 22 Update

Globe Soup Short Story

Word Count: 1986

This is my second draft for the short story and I just submitted it to the email I was supposed to. I honestly thought it was on the 12th instead of the 13th, but it is best to submit it prior to the deadline. Rewriting things is a lot easier than writing over the first draft because for the first draft, you will not capture the essence of what it is, or if you do it in multiple sittings, you’d forget what your intent was to either redact or include sentences within a paragraph.

This is a fun piece that I enjoyed writing, and I might be expanding upon it in the near future. I enjoyed this world and it was difficult to write down what it was about. I am glad I wrote this instead of a side story over the antagonist’s perspective in The Forsaken Tale for an upcoming scene. That reminds me I need to write more of that after I am done editing a chapter for a fanfiction author and rewriting Chapter One of Wandering Affection.

Anyway I am going to head to bed. I hope you dear reader have a wonderful timezone–whether it is the morning, afternoon, or evening–and make sure to drink plenty of water. Stay hydrated!

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