Into the Shadow Lands

I split up my campaign “Into the Shadow Lands,” for every Saturday and every other Thursday. For my Saturdays, it is more frequent, but it is three hours rather than the usual five. I think it started off really well, it took a while to get the characters in the same place, and I did not expect for one of the players to eat paper. That was hilarious.

Already some of them bought some nifty magic items: the cloak of billowing, the cloak of many fashions, rejuvenation salve, and two corruption bandages.

The cloak of billowing is exactly like that, the cloak billows in the wind. The cloak of many fashions can change how the cloak is, it is useful in order to pretend it looks like other magical cloaks. The rejuvenation salve takes effect after a minute that will heal someone for 2d6+3, along with promote hair growth, and restore elasticity of skin. This is one of the homebrew items I made for the campaign along with the corruption bandages that protects the wearer from any corruption they may attain from monsters outside of settlements.

I did not expect them to go for a different quest, I will have to put something in the backburner. I do hope that they were to pick up more quests so that they can get more money for the tasks they complete.

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