Saturday’s Session for “Into The Shadow Lands”

this is the second session I held for this group of players, who are all chaotic. I love them all dearly and they retrieved a side quest from the local alchemist/herbalist. She wants them to get some potion ingredients, but if they are going to go outside they will be missing a few other quests. They picked up a few more this session such as going to the library, gathering monster parts, and delivering a package to a town that is a time limit.

The library will give a player their personalized magic item and they were gone yesterday. They went there already and in the library they met the Head Librarian Welph Jr. who told them to clean the place and to put a blanket and incense over the mirrors. All that don’t have a silver backing. There are five mirrors in this place that have a slice of those who died and it loops when that happens.

They accidentally found out that if they touched one of the ghosts the spirit will be aware of them. They found out that Welph Sr. was murdered due to some poison in his tea. The one who took the tea saw that it turned invisible momentarily, but they didn’t know what happened. They didn’t want the loop to start again and the individual who poisoned him got away. They did get information that the loop will start again if for anyone that was murdered. They didn’t get a certain bit of information, but they may get it in the future. I guess I assumed they would try to take something with them.

In another mirror they beat up two guardians with their three kids because they beat the kids and starved them to death. It is sensitive content where I know that people didn’t want to see kids get tortured, so I did a fade to black where I had them interfere at any part of that time. They definitely murdered those assholes and made a sign for the kids to not be purified through a black cloth and incense.

They have to go through three more mirrors and clean a bit of the library before they get paid with gold and a magic item. This item is a bit special, it’s just a flavored bag of holding which is a few bookshelves inside of a false book. It is essentially a demiplane, but what makes it better is that in my world, bags of holdings and devouring have something called a Bagman inside of it.

Such a fun thing right? You guys should look up the lore of it, the only reason why I included it is because it fits my campaign.

My players are going to hate me.

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