Day 38 Update

Character Backstory/27 Questions

Word Count: 3,057

I wrote an additional 1,492 words for a character backstory in D&D. I am in a game where the campaign is going to end in a few weeks and I am prepping the backstory for it. Well I haven’t touched on the backstory completely, it is just bullet notes at this point. However, I have been answering the 27 questions which my GM sent to us again. It is extensive and I hate filling it out, particularly due to having twenty living siblings.

Yes you read that correctly, twenty. All with some sort of backstory, some of them will have classes, and the others will just be regular people. It is difficult giving each one something unique and let me just leave it at that. I also have to list out the siblings who died and I will be writing down ridiculous deaths such as, being captured by a Roc, or stepped on by a Hill Giant. Things that could be idiotic or just a natural death. I am not going to be including poison given that there is someone who can remove poison. Unless they were poisoned outside of their home, that is an interesting thought.

Regardless, I shall bid you all adieu. I have to wake up early tomorrow; stay hydrated folks!

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