Saturday Into the Shadow Lands

I ran my game for my Saturday group and they all managed to get their personal magic items for the two remaining player characters. The vampire managed to get a False Book of Bookshelves, that is a re-flavored bag of holding where there will be no Bagman coming it out of it.

I honestly didn’t expect the cleric to win against her brothers and sisters in a arm wrestling contest. She got a can of protein powder that helps her work out, raising either her Strength or Dexterity score by one if she gets a natural 20 on a luck check for a work out. She was hyped about it, and my players managed to buy a barbecue pit and they didn’t buy any coal. They can use wood and I for sure want to see if they actually bought meat because this can go well or not.

The scent of cooked meat may bite them in the butt.

I am glad that they have left the starting town, the biweekly Thursday campaign did not leave the town yet. Then again, they are stuck in a rat dungeon underneath the town and there is a civilization down there.

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