Day 60 Update

Wandering Affection

Word Count: 25,937

I apologize for not posting this a few hours prior. It slipped my mind to post yesterday’s update. I was working on making a map for my Dungeons and Dragon’s campaign where my notes are in it as I made one for my players. I just have to color that one and make a less detailed map for other party members because at various points in time, the party has acquired a map at different points in time.

Even with this excuse, which is well meaning because one group got an accurate map of the Shadow Lands, I completed Chapter Five of Wandering Affection. As such, I am continuing the tradition of the next chapter being devoted to my deuteragonist Atticus. I already decided to add another scene in Chapter Six, where it will include a point of contact from the protagonist to him. It’s a time skip between chapters so they would have some courage. I will have to devote a few paragraphs, read pages, to the protagonist hyper fixating on the past/world building before bringing that out.

Regardless, I hope people stay hydrated yesterday, and in the morning. I will be sending another update in a few hours.

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