Day 61 Update

Wandering Affection

Word Count: 26,482

Today is a good day to write, it may not be much were I got to the root of it, but I explained some of Atticus’ issues with people. It’s hard to find genuine friends when you are semi-famous, but if you are a jerk not many people will like to be around you.

I’ll continue more of this tomorrow, but I am proud of what I wrote. I still can’t believe that I was a little over halfway through the original draft and I went past the word count. Currently I am on page forty-three of the first draft, and on the second I am on eighty-two.

Now I need to go work on editing a chapter because I took a break to write my novella. I am dragging my feet. There is just a block in my head because if I have editing power, I must edit.

Stay hydrated and have a good timezone!

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