Day 69 Update


Word Count: 483

I didn’t type on my laptop today. Instead I wrote during lunch about a potential memory for Wandering Affection, or the very least it will be referenced in an upcoming chapter. I just wanted to write a moment of the past love birds just having a day out together, joking with one another without any judgement. This is during the time where they are just friends and there is a truth bomb dropped. From this it steers the story into a different direction. While it will still be romance, it’ll be leaning heavily into the fantastically elements rather than just focusing on one aspect of it.

I hope this clears some things up. I got to say I loved writing this scene even though it is at the build up for main story. There is going to be a significant change from the normalcy because now I can fully add, “What can go wrong, will happen four ways to Sunday” into the mix. Most of the fighting is internal so it is a change of pace when conflict is external.

Make sure to stay hydrated folks! I’ll write about today’s D&D session later. I had a blast running it despite one of the points from a character.

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