Thursday: Into the Shadow Lands

For my biweekly Thursday game, I managed to give two of my players their personalized magic item. I used a kid who is honestly my favorite character I have ever played, a hunter from Monster of the Week who managed to get herself trapped in The Shadow Lands. She delivered an item and one of the PCs met her earlier, following her into a shop and got some information as to why she is helping them: preventing a war with the Rat Nation, in return she’ll get a large gem a friend of her needs. She already gathered the evidence, it is just that the players need to fill in the blanks.

After the players got their items–one getting the third sentient item that is the only one actively communicating due to their loneliness–they went to fight the final two oozes. One was huge and the other was small. Both were resistant to nonmagical damage, so that fight took a lot longer as the huge ooze was soaking damage, the smaller one was shooting magic at the party while on the wall.

One of the players is playing a Faerie, a variant because he wanted to be tiny and I told him that there will be drawbacks, got stuck into the small spell casting ooze and died inside of it. He met a character again, this time actually in rp because he wanted to go back to the Fae Wilds, who was asking if he wanted to pass on or come back. In return for getting a map to a place with two items he will need to leave. During this time, the Lycan Blood Hunter got under half and was attacking the party.

Before the group long rest, I delivered some bad news to a PC over his backstory. He hasn’t seen someone from his past in a long time, and he got correspondence from them. While I was doing that, the rest of the party was talking about the Lich and also trying to figure out what the Gray Lady is, an entity that visited the Faerie and also the Lycan Blood Hunter.

The session drew to a close from because they have to face a trial in the next session.

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