NaNoWriMo Day 3 Update

The Forsaken Tale

Word Count: 48,665 (+990)

Goal: 75,000 words

Wandering Affection

Word Count: 34,634 (+370)

Goal: 50,000 words

Slowly but surely I will be reaching one of my goals. Logistically the Wandering Affection is attainable compared to The Forsaken Tale, but I am in the middle of writing dialogue which is my favorite thing. I think that the dialogue itself is weak, but this is still a rough draft so I will not be hard on myself. I am proud of what I’ve accomplished. I’m in the rising action for The Forsaken Tale where there is interpersonal conflict, intrapersonal conflict, and the realization of a goal. This is the most I’ve written in two years and I feel like I am close to reaching some conclusion for a character arc, a side character, that didn’t have one in the initial draft that I scrapped a fifth of the way into it. I am elated even if I know my words are clunky, I want to have them down on Word and this time, fingers crossed, the file doesn’t get corrupted when I am three chapters from the end.

That’s enough of me gushing, I am going to head to bed. Stay hydrated folks and remember, even if you aren’t doing a hobby of yours a lot, if you keep at it, you’ll see the growth looking back. I’ve included thousands of words for both of my works that I wouldn’t have noticed if I didn’t begin posting roughly two and a half months ago.

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