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Hey guys, as you see I did not do a post yesterday regarding NaNoWriMo. Currently I am dealing with burnout and I barely managed to write a few words for The Forsaken Tale where I didn’t even bother to add to my total word count.

It is pitiful and I hate it. It just sucks. It looks terrible, it’s as if the words that tried to flow was liquid adhesive coming from my finger tips, smearing the proverbial pencil as I notate the headspace of Kellina. The glue covers the graphite words as you set it out to dry, words almost intelligible.

I do not write on paper for The Forsaken Tale, I only do that for the notebook version of Wandering Affection to expand on the world that might be included in the second draft fully, referenced, or I just take a few paragraphs blending it together. I am just mentally exhausted and the second paragraph took a lot where I had to walk away from the computer.

Just have to remind myself I do not have to write chronologically and I might need to set Kellina’s draft to the side to work on the novella. The next scenes for both of the projects I am working on are a complete unknown, it isn’t in my outline or draft, which is a bad thing. I might be writing a “what if” scene and adding it to my word count even if I don’t include it in the official draft I am writing.

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