Day 103 Update

I left off on Day 72 in October and simply adding the days from NaNoWriMo despite not including it there.

I need to figure out how to incorporate links (stubbornly not clicking the link button due to being tired).

Anyway if you just started to root me on in my journey of writing, be it my buddies from NaNo, IWSG, or friends on Discord, every day I challenge myself to write at least 300 words. Given that I have written (almost) daily in November, I am going to say I definitely met my goal. The intent is to write, and I know at least four days I failed to reach 300 words or I didn’t write that day.

Regardless I am working on another project that I somewhat began late October, early November. I’m simply calling it Winter Prompt because I can’t figure out a name for it.

Winter Prompt

Word Count: 956

I wrote a little over five hundred words today for this. I am participating in a gift-fic exchange on Archive of Our Own (AO3) and I can’t give too many details over it. I will just say that I passed the minimum word count requirement today for the work because it needs to be done before December 20th, so I’ll be working on this primarily before switching to either The Forsaken Tale or Wandering Affection.

I do hope everyone is staying warm because today was quite chilly. Keep working on your hobbies or your aspirations even if things seem too difficult. At least one brush stroke, one word, or nursing a seed so it can germinate when you cannot anymore. Carve out one minute or even five to something you love even if the effort itself is insurmountable. You loved this activity for a reason, and remember, be kind to yourself.

And as always, have a lovely timezone and stay hydrated!

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