NaNoWriMo Summary


  • Did you write 75,000 words for The Forsaken Tale?
    • No
  • Did you add at least 10,000 words to your total for The Forsaken Tale?
    • Yes
  • Did you write 50,000 words for Wandering Affection?
    • Yes

Comparing Stat Summaries From the Beginning and End of NaNoWriMo:

  • Word Count for The Forsaken Tale on November 1st: 46,675
  • Word Count for The Forsaken Tale on November 30th: 56,767 (added 10.09k words)
  • Word Count for Wandering Affection on November 1st: 31,582
  • Word Count for Wandering Affection on November 30th: 50,512 (added 18.93k words)

Most people use NaNoWriMo to write at least 50,000 words, and I got a little over halfway. I am overjoyed with what I managed to do. I haven’t participated in this challenge in years, and I still reached some of my goals. I wrote a lot more than 300 words a day, which was my goal prior to November to get back into writing. I still won in the end even if it wasn’t the norm for people. I added two two of my manuscripts. For one I reached 200 pages and for the other I have more than doubled my initial word count of the first draft.

Overall, I won this month and whoever else participated during the event did as well. We all added to our manuscripts and while there are portions of our work that is bad–spinning out quantity rather than quality–nothing that editing can’t polish up for us in the next iteration of our works, be it the same document or a new draft.

Remember folks, stay hydrated and have a lovely timezone.

I missed signing off with that for my last post of the day.

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