Into The Shadow Lands

First post in a while that isn’t a writing challenge update, this is change. This Thursday is for my biweekly group that plays in the game, not counting my weekly Saturday, and I am worried about them.

They rolled two extremes in the table I set up and I am surprised how it’ll effect the story in the background, or rather the story that I will not tell until maybe months in the future if they ally themselves with a particular person.

In the Shadow Lands, there are corrupted monsters, some have lost their mind entirely and others persist. One group can regain some of their senses during the first week and a half of every month. These monsters are quite territorial and the party has definitely come across their area (it’s even in the map that I have drawn out a long time ago) on a quest to find a PC’s kidnapped kid. They have a chance to run if they want, but the things are going to beat them until they are rolling death saves.

Death saves occur when a PC takes damage where their hit points are zero, they roll to see if they succeed or not. Three failures they are perma-dead, three successes they are stabilize. People can be stabilized if someone does a medicine check or they can come back up if they get any form of healing. The goal of these monsters is to just down them instead of outright killing them, at least currently, if they were later in the month they would have decided to kill them due to them getting into a blood frenzy in preparation of the monthly storming settlements of humanoids.

These monsters have an agreement with a NPC in my world to assist them with curing higher members of this group from corruption. And the party rolled to meet this NPC…I’m just going to rule it that the day in game is the day before he meets these monsters, which was why he was in the area. It’s fitting and if the PCs are in a TPK, or partial TPK the NPC will help out by having a place to stay, but won’t fight any of the corrupted monsters in the land. At least, the ones in the area they are currently in.

Regardless I am going to have fun and I hope I don’t kill a PC on accident. I am going to pray that they don’t roll badly on their death saves.

Well I hope everyone had a wonderful timezone and remember, stay hydrated! I need to get some rest.

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