Day 151

The Forsaken Tale

Word Count: 70,148 (+947)

I broke the 70k milestone at work today! I can’t believe that I am still continuing to write for almost 151 days straight, give or take two weeks and some odd days where I was either too exhausted to type something out or I was doing a fiverr commission.

I am having fun with it right now. Writing dialogue between more than two characters is tricky but doable; I’m used to doing introspection or a simple dialogue between two. What I am worried about is when this chapter ends or prior to it I will hit a wall and I have to switch gears to Wandering Affection because I want to spend at least four days on TFT before that.

Thank you everyone for liking my posts even if there isn’t much of an update. It means a lot to me to know that there are supporters on my journey to completing the first draft for TFT and the second for WA.

Now, I am going to read the rest of The Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller because I heard great things about the novel. My poor heart will not take the ending, I just know it, because I am aware of what happens at the end of the Iliad. No spoilers but you guys should check out the novel or read the Iliad if you have time.

I’ll send an update tomorrow night, have a lovely timezone everyone, and remember, stay hydrated!

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