Day 156

Campaign Notes

Word Count: 849

Just rewriting my campaign notes in a game so that everything is organized. They are a summary and anyone can write in them that is in the party if they feel like it. I’ve been doing character art for my new character in my Sunday game because my old one, nonbinary protector aasimar bard Migra Dutius got killed talking shit because one of the players was gone and I was controlling her character along with my own. Side note, her character was a cleric who has mage slayer and I know she goes up to people to stab them despite not having high strength or dexterity stats for the weapons. My new character is a cambion named Lydia, she is a barbarian/fighter/warlock multiclass.

Personalities and backstories are on opposite spectrums: one is positive, the other is a neutral disposition along with the home life is drastically different. Might be because my dm allowed me to play a homebrew devil race. I am having fun playing my new character and I know that I’ll get my old character resurrected in a few weeks, hopefully in the next arc.

Well I am going to watch Youtube videos to figure out how to draw. I need to save some money.

Hope everyone has a lovely timezone, and remember, stay hydrated!

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