Day 164

Wandering Affection

Word Count: 74,125 (+1,327)

I am going to be giving my other draft some much needed love. I had to finish this chapter before moving on, taking a much needed break from it.

I wonder if this will inspire other people to write semi-daily or even daily. It’s difficult to find time after working a full time job, studying, caring for family, or having prior engagements in your life that you are dedicated to. However, try to carve out time. If you have a phone, write in the notes and copy paste into email before putting it onto your document (what I do besides sending a personal email to myself) or have a notebook with you at all times and write while you are waiting in line. Even if what you wrote doesn’t make much sense at the time, you can edit it at a later date as long as the idea is captured.

Well that’s all the advice I can part. I hope everyone has a lovely timezone, happy Twosday, and remember, stay hydrated. I sure am after this post.

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