Into The Shadow Lands Notes

Tomorrow is going to be my biweekly Thursday game. Last week I had to cancel due to exhaustion so it’s been a month since my players have played their characters (not to mention skipping 3 session for Saturday’s group. Half of the party was either sick or sleeping in because they were exhausted from work. I’ll just wait to figure out what they want to do in town because they have a few things to do).

For Thursday I am just going to post my notes, which are bullet points and compare what they do tomorrow.

  • Fight with devils, a hellhound, and a fae
  • One of the captives dying?
  • Fae’s sending: “Hostiles behind us, impeding process. Gaining more resources. If I do not contact you again assume death. We need to escape this hellish plane.”
  • Interrogation? [party to potentially one of the enemies]
  • Prev party member’s spirit appearing in front of a party member. Possibly do this at night if he is doing watch or next day where he is alone.
  • Invitation: “Greetings Gloaming Sun, you and your plus, ( ), are invited to the Dread Ball that will be occurring on the 2nd of Warmth. Attendees are prohibited from the use of magic on another attendee, harming an attendee psychically, physically, trapping attendees, and other means (this is intended as a peaceful gathering where the dead and the living may give their last words prior to the dead transitioning to the afterlife). Keep provocation to a minimum. Those who harm others will be be dealt with punitive measures from security detail. You and your plus one will be teleported to the location of the Dread Ball. Please wear party clothes, any time period encouraged as there will be rooms themed in such way. If you have any dietary restrictions or food allergies for living attendees, please write on the back of the invite. Demiliches and liches are FORBIDDEN from entry; if one of the invitees or trespassers (whether in cahoots or not) are in cahoots with one of the restricted parties, your soul will be forfeited, torn to pieces, and your body will be mutilated, thrown at the nearest operative outside the ball.”
  • Traps on the way to find the missing kids because the fae are at it
  • Shenanigans
  • Talking to Eionn regarding his love is going to be engaged to the heir to the Thundera clan, Xeros
  • More clues to where the trail is going? Hallucinatory terrain will be active
  • Meeting a old ally/enemy

I doubt that I’ll get to everything here, the very least the fight and the interrogation. It depends entirely how fast the party is going through things and whether they want to do something while they are traveling. I will be posting on Friday about what they did, because I know that I am running the session until my bedtime

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