Into the Shadow Lands

Unfortunately last night I we could not complete the session due to me suffering a power outage for about four hours. Fun times. Players are still in combat so I had to use a bit of data to jot down some notes that we will be doing because, unfortunately, they aggro-ed two out of three enemies and the rogue might be dying. When you steal the keys I built in they want to focus attention on that individual because what is in the cages is something that is important to each group: kids for a ritual and a tiefling for information regarding a hidden sanctuary on this hellish landscape.

There are 2 objectives: live and get some kids out of their cages. Whether they do an interrogation or not depends on which of the 3 enemies they capture because, unfortunately, one of them only speaks infernal (who happens to be the muscle). I am going to have fun with that and see how far along the party tortures someone for information.

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