Day 181

D&D Session Summary

Word Count: 10,267 (+4,231)

Quite the jump but I had plenty of time to update these notes. Literally playing catch up before it gets ahead of me. I was behind by about ten sessions and I finished summarizing, getting the most important details rather than broad strokes, eight sessions. It’s easier writing something when you have a all the information and the summary is there so that the amount of spelling errors I have are little-to-none.

Anyway these notes are a little less than half of word count and a quarter of the total pages on Google Docs. That I am proud of. Plus this is a fun world to be a player in and I cannot wait to see what the next session on Sunday is with all my friends. One of my friends said that they can potentially get the body of my first character in a negotiation and possibly calling off a hit that an asshole NPC did onto the party. He brought my new character into the fray of killing my bard when she didn’t even know people were there. Not to mention he stole all her shit when she wanted to come back and conduct a funeral for her giant friend/mentor/housemate.

That’s enough gushing from me.

Remember everyone, stay hydrated and have a lovely timezone!

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