Camp NaNoWriMo

Tomorrow I shall begin Camp NaNoWriMo, and the goals for both projects is going to be 10k or until I complete one of the drafts. Whichever one comes first because I could be nearing the end of the second draft for Wandering Affection if my hands don’t keep slipping.

They are most certainly going to slip. I really like the dynamic of my love interests as they finally met the other via game avatars but when one of them realizes the other knows who they are irl but haven’t done much about it. The amount of salt and pettiness that is going to happen is too delectable. Or rather, make them like the other. In the first draft I had it where they only met in the game and accidentally touched hands, the heathens!, where they regained their incarnation’s memories. It isn’t addressed too much given that the protagonist freaked out and didn’t show their face unless it was to shove a note in the other’s locker about meeting up because they have self-esteem issues. Working on that right now in this draft along with fleshing both of them and some of their friends out because they were pretty flat.

I’ll mostly use Camp NaNoWriMo to bolster The Forsaken Tale given that I have been neglecting my favorite overthinking protagonist in regards to my disaster protag in Wandering Affection, but she’s getting some love again. I recently concluded a chapter that involves Kellina and her best friend Dylan who are in the midst of fleeing from danger. I just need to figure out how to make things slightly worse for her, and finding the delicate balance of achieving some short-term goals and implementing the first step of her long-term one. She’s a reluctant hero, it takes a while for them to get into action. Plus, using this as an excuse to figure out how to make future scenes based off of word salads or prompts in order to properly understand some character motivations of the side characters. I need to downsize them, but until I complete this draft no one is on the chopping block.

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