Day 193

Wandering Affection AU

Words: 948

I found a prompt based on a Tumblr post for my favorite incarnations. I just want an excuse to write an alternative meeting and how they got together. Putting full cards on the table: I enjoy writing meet-cutes and these two OCs are my favorite. I just want a excuse to develop past fantasy world rather than modern fantasy which is similar to our own with just futuristic magitech at times.

In case anyone is curous about the prompt I found it’s this: Character A’s self-worth is based on how useful they can be to others, who think they are going to be abandoned as soon as they are no longer necessary, as seen with previous instances. Character A is told by Character B that they want them to stay, and they realize that they have value to people because of who they are, not just what they can do for them.

3 thoughts on “Day 193

  1. Excellent prompt and fun! I find endless inspiration for character interactions in the book The Wisdom of the Enneagram. The nine character types have nine ranges of behaviors plus two “wings,” which double the possibilities. Paired character types multiply the possibilities again.

    The traits and behaviors described by the Enneagram typology mirror life. If you have an interest in using the Enneagram to develop characters, check out the blog posts on my site by entering “enneagram” in the search box at the top.


    1. I will definitely check out The Wisdom of the Enneagram, I haven’t heard about that in quite some time, so thank you for the recommendation Grant! It would be excellent to branch out on creating characters process.

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      1. If you download the character profile, you’ll find a matrix of the types, helping you create conflicts based on where the individuals fall within the range of traits (healthy to unhealthy). Also, the download includes synopses of each enneagram type.


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