Day 200

Wandering Affection AU

Words: 8,138 (+859)

I apologize for being late, my Dungeons and Dragons campaign went a little longer than expected. It’s well past one in the morning and I need rest.

To everyone, even if you don’t write daily, everything adds up. Sure there are some days I missed or was unable to hit my 300 word goal, but I am proud of myself when I look back at day 1. I am proud of myself and we hit the big 200.

Now to focus on a project to completely finish to show my family because they have been bugging me about reading my work. Everyone who sees this knows what a mess I am, changing between three projects. I haven’t even touched the main story of Wandering Affection even though I should, at least skip to the present because the past is giving me trouble. For The Forsaken Tale, I need to figure out a transition to get to the next bit with my reluctant protagonist.

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