Hi everyone,

I hope you all are doing your best to stay cool in this dreadful summer. I am feeling downright miserable, nodding in and out of multiple naps throughout the past two days. I wish I am not hacking up my longs, nose dripping as much as a waterfall, throat swollen as if a bee stung me, and body aching, shaking, as if I am in a room that is vibrating from an earthquake.

I still have the descriptiveness thankfully. One small blessing in this horrid world. If I am not sleeping, or coughing my lungs out, I am playing on my Switch Pokemon Sword or reading Code Name Verity by Elizabeth Wein off my public library. Not the most productive part of my time, I should be writing something, but it’s nice to turn off my brain and just read, even if the speed has much more to be desired. So far I am enjoying it despite being about seventy-four pages in; overdrive is such a gift. Access to books at my fingertips, sign me up. Obviously I already am, and you dear readers should get a library account to access it. There are audiobooks, ebooks, and more; I haven’t gotten to the more bit yet, not too interested in looking at the collections of movies, but I am content with what I have.

I think this is proper syntax. I’ll have to edit this later and curb my ramblings, not that they’ll ever stop haha. At least they won’t be written by a madman who isn’t proofreading their work because her eyes are watering again. However, I am just sending a post that I’ll be okay soon and I’ll hit my daily word count challenge. Sometimes I fall short of it, like what happened on Thursday and Wednesday, but progress is that.


I need to do my next rotation now. I’ll post something later, maybe a health update on what I learned in my game. No spoilers for the book though. Can’t recomend it enough to people: if you are interested in historic fiction and don’t mind a unreliable narrator Code Name Verity is the book for you!

— Vani

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