Day 236

The Forsaken Tale

Words: 107,967 (+499)

Today I joined for the first time in a writing group in my city. We did it over discord and it seems nice. There was only one prompt that we had to write for twenty minutes and everyone shared! I stuttered a lot and I should have posted it in the channel, but I kept seeing typos so you have to correct them on the fly. I am thinking about inserting it into the Wandering Affection AU, either the end of chapter two or beginning chapter three so I can truly display that my protag is not okay.

I am putting that idea on hold but it is posted at the end of the document. I didn’t include it into this weekly challenge, but I managed to get a little over five hundred words. I was editing while some members were talking so it definitely went over the limit. Also I couldn’t include the words, “You’re welcome…” which was a part of the prompt.

I really wanted to include it since this is the first group I’ve joined and I missed last week’s meeting because I was running my biweekly dnd session but I digress. Besides this, I have another group over Zoom this Saturday during the afternoon that I can attend. It’s a critique group. I plan on listening but I am going to have to select the first chapter of either The Forsaken Tale or Wandering Affection AU because the actual story has a genderfluid character and I switch pronouns every other paragraph. I need to make a good first impression even though I think my writing is lacking, but I have a story in my soul and by God I will have it written somewhere so it doesn’t torment me so.

Both groups meet weekly and there is a monthly in-person critique group where I would have to print out ten pages double spaced to have it ironed. Whatever I don’t get critiqued this week, I’ll have the other project make an appearance in the other critique group. They are meeting this Wednesday.

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