Day 238

The Forsaken Tale

Words: 109,274 (+725)

I went to another critique group today, one that meets up once a month. I received feedback over the first chapter of The Forsaken Tale and some of the words I couldn’t understand. From what I could make out, there is a consensus of past and present tense was flipping, that they want descriptions of Kellina, her dialogue along with Roxie’s are too similar, and want some form of action within the school because they think that the chapter started too early.

I disagree for the last part because this is supposed to express the begin of being trapped in a time loop. Regardless this in person critique was interesting, I exchanged my number with an older woman who is so kind and is a phenomenal writer. I wanted to read more of her short story she is writing because the dynamics and voice of all characters can be differentiated.

I will be rewriting the first chapter soon, especially when reading one paragraph where I thought I deleted. There is repetition that was not intentional.

Too bad I sent this draft to the Saturday critique group as well.

I am going to be rolling with the punches and I will be participating in NaNoWriMo this year. I will most likely not be able to meet the 50k, but I know I can hit the 10k mark if I am focusing between 3 projects.

I am going to head to bed. Stay hydrated and have a lovely timezone!

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