NaNoWriMo Stats Week 2

The Forsaken Tale
Word Count: 114,012 (+1,919)

Wandering Affection AU
Word Count: 40,167 (+63)

Wandering Affection
Word Count: 93,810

Word Count: 10,248 (+10,248)

I met both my goals, 10k was reached and 2 chapters, one for TFT and the fanfiction I began. I am not proud of hyperfixating on it, but I am a sucker for world building in my favorite trashfire tv series. It involves magic and there is a hidden magical world in the mundane world and that is my jam, it’s why I love TFT so much. Turns out, my hands slipped this week, as always, and I am not that upset about it.

As always, have a lovely timezone and stay hydrated!

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