NaNoWriMo Final Stats

The Forsaken Tale
Word Count: 116,281

Wandering Affection AU
Word Count: 40,167

Wandering Affection
Word Count: 94,732

Word Count: 13,829

Christmas Project
Word Count: 3,428

I have started another project during the last two weeks and completed another chapter in Fanfiction along with The Forsaken Tale. As you can see, my WIPs are increasing, again, and I need to write the most hallmark-inspired story for one of my family members because it is difficult to buy a gift when someone says they don’t want anything.

Hopefully I can get it complete, the main cast is seven characters and I have an outline for eight chapters. I am going to make sure that my hands don’t slip and follow the outline to a T and be on my merry way.

I am proud of pushing myself to write in November and sometimes it was difficult to find time given that I spent hours trying to find what graduate schools I would love to enroll into. I still have to compile the list but I’m off to relax now!

Have a lovely timezone everyone and stay hydrated!

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