It has been a bit, things have been hectic for me irl. I got a research assistant position in town, it doesn’t pay, but I am learning in hopes of getting to be a part of the byline for a future project in the lab I am in. I am trying to get into graduate school and that is…difficult.

What truly stumped me is that The Forsaken Tale draft I was writing out, yeah remember that?, the document is no longer updating since the end of December. There’s a red X on the status so every time I close the file I would lose my progress and I didn’t realize that until the second day. I have a copy on a flash drive, but it wasn’t up-to-date from what I wrote during NaNo. Logically I know that I should have at least four backups, but I cannot keep track of them for the life of me.

I did surpass the point that I was at in NaNo, so I am quite proud of myself.

I’ve been focusing on TFT only and my estimate it should be 121-123k long for the first draft. Then I’ll have to sit on it and revise it later, perhaps add a prologue since I wasn’t too happy with the first one in the original file, I got rid of it in the copy.

These are some of the major updates going on in my life, I got into a critique group in my town and I am enjoying that immensely. There are so many excellent writers and it’s nice to learn from them.

Well signing off for now.

Have a lovely timezone and stay hydrated everyone!

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