Day 232

Wandering Affection AU Word Count: 39,630 (+379) I am still trying to edit Wandering Affection while I am hitting these challenges and the formatting is a wreck. I don’t know about you but every time I see something is wrong, my brain just stutters to a halt before rebooting. At least the first two minutesContinue reading “Day 232”

Day 230

Wandering Affection AU Word Count: 38,789 (+682) I have been writing this for a while and I got curious about Wandering Affection. I completely forgot what personality my characters have, and the plot, so I am slowly reading the draft from chapter eleven. Dialogue isn’t as fluid as what I write now, and it’s beenContinue reading “Day 230”

Day 228

Wandering Affection AU Word Count: 37,646 (+1,725) I was writing well into the night yesterday and already hit my word count. The moment I woke up I was in the flow state where words are actually flowing and chaos is ensuing into this. I am straining to keep myself from continuing on because I amContinue reading “Day 228”

What I Did Yesterday and Today

D&D Yesterday I didn’t post anything because the only thing I wrote was backstory for a potential Dungeons and Dragon’s character who is going to be a phantom thief, think Catwoman from Batman except she leaves a calling card after stealing some jewelry. I had inspiration from anime for this because Magic Kaito holds aContinue reading “What I Did Yesterday and Today”