Day 223

The Forsaken Tale

Words: 105,468 (+428)

I apologize for not being active for a while. I have been writing, some days not even meeting the minimum threshold for the challenge, but recently things have gotten a bit hectic in life.

Even so, I am proud of what I have done and I am at an impasse with what I will be doing and what I have to do. Just going to stay that I am going to be upset when I have to delete the chapter summary for my main document. I hope it is less than 800 words and then I can hit at least 110 – 112k because I have five more chapters to write after this chapter. Or perhaps more, the summaries are a bit dense for two of them.

Stay hydrated everyone!

Day 220

The Forsaken Tale

Words: 95,214 (+413)

Slowly I am getting back into the groove, a third of the way done with a chapter, skipped the beginning of it since I wanted to focus on the plot rather than the characters. A strange concept for me but I am so close to the end I can just taste it.

I am going to be trying to send emails to myself when there is downtime at work. I have been writing, it’s just that I haven’t written enough to warrant meeting the “daily” word count challenge. I barely had time yesterday to even write one paragraph, but one is better than none.

Day 219

The Forsaken Tale

Words: 94,801 (+2,592)

I keep on forgetting to update this but the past few weeks I did a lot. I am skipping a chapter because it is grueling to write it. I suppose an outline will suffice for now because I want to get to the fun part of this novel.

I managed to have a full recover from my sickness thankfully. Unfortunately this was the first time I came down with COVID-19 and I do not want to come down with it again.

IWSG July 2022

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July 6 question – If you could live in any book world, which one would you choose?

If you asked me this question, I would have to say the Percy Jackson Series by Rick Riordan. It is similar to our world however I love the troupe of a hidden or unknown world that coexists with our own.

Would I have any chance of becoming a demigod? No. I would be terrible at it and I am too involved with technology to even consider it. I think It is neat to include that demigods can be tracked through technology as an adaptation that these millenium old monsters have despite modern warfare won’t be able to take them down.

That is a concerning thought given that bombs exist. If they don’t get hurt by that, do they walk away with ease from mortal means and if they find out about them they could manipulate the mist but also, what if they didn’t. What if they chose certain identities that they liked and just shuffled around who got to be Marge the Accountant who works at different companies but various monsters take turns being Marge. Marge would become a legend in themselves, perhaps becoming their own monster as they troll the mortal world.

In all seriousness I think it would be neat to befriend a demigod and that this world is similar to our own in this standpoint. Would there be conflicts I am unaware of? Yes. Would I provide a safe house for my friend and whoever else they bring? Yes. Is this all backing on the end that I am aware of the existence of gods, demigods, and monsters? Yes. Do I want to be friends with a Gorgon sister, specifically Medusa, and speak trash against Poseidon? Yes.

I want to be that cool side-character who is the normal friend but knows things. Someone who is there, not really important, kind of out of the loop but has good intentions. If I don’t get eaten, I want to befriend some of the monsters. If I meet a demigod same thing. Honestly it is delightful that I could make a casserole, invite both of them over and they have to have a civil conversation before one of them tries to kill the other. Or perhaps dinner goes great and there is no bloodshed and they become friends through understanding, somewhat, the other person’s side through their mutual friend/acquaintance.

Now I want to write a story with this scene in mind. Thanks IWSG prompt for this month. Seriously I am going to insert it in one of my projects now.


Hi everyone,

I hope you all are doing your best to stay cool in this dreadful summer. I am feeling downright miserable, nodding in and out of multiple naps throughout the past two days. I wish I am not hacking up my longs, nose dripping as much as a waterfall, throat swollen as if a bee stung me, and body aching, shaking, as if I am in a room that is vibrating from an earthquake.

I still have the descriptiveness thankfully. One small blessing in this horrid world. If I am not sleeping, or coughing my lungs out, I am playing on my Switch Pokemon Sword or reading Code Name Verity by Elizabeth Wein off my public library. Not the most productive part of my time, I should be writing something, but it’s nice to turn off my brain and just read, even if the speed has much more to be desired. So far I am enjoying it despite being about seventy-four pages in; overdrive is such a gift. Access to books at my fingertips, sign me up. Obviously I already am, and you dear readers should get a library account to access it. There are audiobooks, ebooks, and more; I haven’t gotten to the more bit yet, not too interested in looking at the collections of movies, but I am content with what I have.

I think this is proper syntax. I’ll have to edit this later and curb my ramblings, not that they’ll ever stop haha. At least they won’t be written by a madman who isn’t proofreading their work because her eyes are watering again. However, I am just sending a post that I’ll be okay soon and I’ll hit my daily word count challenge. Sometimes I fall short of it, like what happened on Thursday and Wednesday, but progress is that.


I need to do my next rotation now. I’ll post something later, maybe a health update on what I learned in my game. No spoilers for the book though. Can’t recomend it enough to people: if you are interested in historic fiction and don’t mind a unreliable narrator Code Name Verity is the book for you!

— Vani

Day 217

The Forsaken Tale

Words: 91,781 (+328)

Word isn’t even processing the amount I wrote, time to pull out the calculator. I am going to mess with the formatting in a bit so that this is single spaced instead of a mixture of double and single.

Probably should get more into detail of magic in this modern fantasy since I am past the 90k mark. I wonder how long this draft will be and how much paper will be eaten at the library or at office depot.

Going to head to bed now. I hope everyone has a lovely timezone and remember to stay hydrated!

Really, please drink as much fluids as you can. It’s getting incredibly hot near the equator.