Day 181

D&D Session Summary Word Count: 10,267 (+4,231) Quite the jump but I had plenty of time to update these notes. Literally playing catch up before it gets ahead of me. I was behind by about ten sessions and I finished summarizing, getting the most important details rather than broad strokes, eight sessions. It’s easier writingContinue reading “Day 181”

Saturday: Into the Shadow Lands

For today, I had to pre-roll a few initatives. I should have not put seven enemies along with one of the boss monsters. It was rolled on the encounter table that they would face one of the boss monsters. This encounter was basically half of a monster wave that occurs at the end of everyContinue reading “Saturday: Into the Shadow Lands”

Thursday: Into the Shadow Lands

For my biweekly Thursday game, I managed to give two of my players their personalized magic item. I used a kid who is honestly my favorite character I have ever played, a hunter from Monster of the Week who managed to get herself trapped in The Shadow Lands. She delivered an item and one ofContinue reading “Thursday: Into the Shadow Lands”

Saturday Into the Shadow Lands

I ran my game for my Saturday group and they all managed to get their personal magic items for the two remaining player characters. The vampire managed to get a False Book of Bookshelves, that is a re-flavored bag of holding where there will be no Bagman coming it out of it. I honestly didn’tContinue reading “Saturday Into the Shadow Lands”

Saturday’s Session for “Into The Shadow Lands”

this is the second session I held for this group of players, who are all chaotic. I love them all dearly and they retrieved a side quest from the local alchemist/herbalist. She wants them to get some potion ingredients, but if they are going to go outside they will be missing a few other quests.Continue reading “Saturday’s Session for “Into The Shadow Lands””

Into the Shadow Lands

I split up my campaign “Into the Shadow Lands,” for every Saturday and every other Thursday. For my Saturdays, it is more frequent, but it is three hours rather than the usual five. I think it started off really well, it took a while to get the characters in the same place, and I didContinue reading “Into the Shadow Lands”

Into The Shadow Lands

I finished my session today and literally things were derailed for a few minutes the first ten minutes. Introducing a cool character from a book is a nice idea, but ask questions about the person that came from the book rather than taking the book itself. A PC initiated combat because another PC tried toContinue reading “Into The Shadow Lands”

Into The Shadow Lands

Today is the day where I am going to be the Game Master (GM) to my Dungeons and Dragons 5e homebrew campaign. It occurs biweekly and the previous session was a nightmare. I already wrote a little bit about it and I’ll expand just a bit what I am planning today. Regardless if one ofContinue reading “Into The Shadow Lands”