Into The Shadow Lands Notes

Tomorrow is going to be my biweekly Thursday game. Last week I had to cancel due to exhaustion so it’s been a month since my players have played their characters (not to mention skipping 3 session for Saturday’s group. Half of the party was either sick or sleeping in because they were exhausted from work.Continue reading “Into The Shadow Lands Notes”

Into The Shadow Lands

First post in a while that isn’t a writing challenge update, this is change. This Thursday is for my biweekly group that plays in the game, not counting my weekly Saturday, and I am worried about them. They rolled two extremes in the table I set up and I am surprised how it’ll effect theContinue reading “Into The Shadow Lands”

Saturday: Into the Shadow Lands

For today, I had to pre-roll a few initatives. I should have not put seven enemies along with one of the boss monsters. It was rolled on the encounter table that they would face one of the boss monsters. This encounter was basically half of a monster wave that occurs at the end of everyContinue reading “Saturday: Into the Shadow Lands”

Thursday: Into the Shadow Lands

For my biweekly Thursday game, I managed to give two of my players their personalized magic item. I used a kid who is honestly my favorite character I have ever played, a hunter from Monster of the Week who managed to get herself trapped in The Shadow Lands. She delivered an item and one ofContinue reading “Thursday: Into the Shadow Lands”

Day 66 Update

Wandering Affection Word Count: 29,918 I wrote a lot today and I feel like I am drawing to a close for this chapter. It was fun to write and I have to write one additional scene after working through a revision. I hated a whole page and a half of dialogue and I had toContinue reading “Day 66 Update”

Day 60 Update

Wandering Affection Word Count: 25,937 I apologize for not posting this a few hours prior. It slipped my mind to post yesterday’s update. I was working on making a map for my Dungeons and Dragon’s campaign where my notes are in it as I made one for my players. I just have to color thatContinue reading “Day 60 Update”

Saturday Into the Shadow Lands

I ran my game for my Saturday group and they all managed to get their personal magic items for the two remaining player characters. The vampire managed to get a False Book of Bookshelves, that is a re-flavored bag of holding where there will be no Bagman coming it out of it. I honestly didn’tContinue reading “Saturday Into the Shadow Lands”

Saturday’s Session for “Into The Shadow Lands”

this is the second session I held for this group of players, who are all chaotic. I love them all dearly and they retrieved a side quest from the local alchemist/herbalist. She wants them to get some potion ingredients, but if they are going to go outside they will be missing a few other quests.Continue reading “Saturday’s Session for “Into The Shadow Lands””

Thursday’s Session for “Into The Shadow Lands”

Prior to the session I was fully expecting at least one person to die, given that in Session 9 they talked about murdering the rats and the ratfolk with the cover off. These guys can understand Common, a language most D&D races understand. Why? I made it so that after a few generations of livingContinue reading “Thursday’s Session for “Into The Shadow Lands””