NaNoWriMo Stats Week 2

The Forsaken TaleWord Count: 114,012 (+1,919) Wandering Affection AUWord Count: 40,167 (+63) Wandering AffectionWord Count: 93,810 FanfictionWord Count: 10,248 (+10,248) I met both my goals, 10k was reached and 2 chapters, one for TFT and the fanfiction I began. I am not proud of hyperfixating on it, but I am a sucker for world buildingContinue reading “NaNoWriMo Stats Week 2”

NaNoWriMo Stats Week 1

The Forsaken TaleWord Count: 112,093 (+1,892) Wandering Affection AUWord Count: 40,104 Wandering AffectionWord Count: 93,810 I am almost done with one chapter for TFT. I plan on doing weekly updates for the stats, mostly to make it seem like I am writing a lot more than I should. I am somewhat disappointed that I wasContinue reading “NaNoWriMo Stats Week 1”

NaNoWriMo Stats

It is time to post my introduction to this month’s writing. My goal is either 10k or completing two chapters in one of my projects. I have wrote more for The Forsaken Tale and finished a chapter. So here’s to hoping I’ll get that project done or something similar. I will be making sure myContinue reading “NaNoWriMo Stats”

Camp NaNoWriMo Final Word Count

The Forsaken Tale Current: 88,319 words Goal: 91,705 words Wandering Affection Current: 78,718words Goal: 88,660 words I know I am completely late for the update and it was an honest struggle to even write roughly 7k in a month. The good news is that I managed to complete a chapter and a half. I amContinue reading “Camp NaNoWriMo Final Word Count”

NaNoWriMo Summary

Goals: Did you write 75,000 words for The Forsaken Tale? No Did you add at least 10,000 words to your total for The Forsaken Tale? Yes Did you write 50,000 words for Wandering Affection? Yes Comparing Stat Summaries From the Beginning and End of NaNoWriMo: Word Count for The Forsaken Tale on November 1st: 46,675Continue reading “NaNoWriMo Summary”

NaNoWriMo Day 28 Update

The Forsaken Tale Word Count: 53,299 (+0) Goal: 75,000 words Wandering Affection Word Count: 50,178 (+750) Goal: 50,000 words I completed one of my goals! Even if I am not going to hit The Forsaken Tale goal, the fact that I wrote over 5k each for the projects is an accomplishment. My new motivation isContinue reading “NaNoWriMo Day 28 Update”